Till now on SimplyPurify

01. About to have your first child@2x
02. Pollution is a concern@2x
03. Being curious, does more research. About the Whys and Hows!!@2x
04. Being a tinkerer, decides to build an Air-Purifier himself@2x
05. Wondering if it works@2x
06. Meets with Vivek and discusses building an Air Quality Monitor@2x
07. Vivek gets to work and builds an Air Quality Monitor@2x
08. An Air Quality Monitor is made@2x
09. Decide to start a company and build commercially viable products@2x
10. Got accepted by Electropreneur Park@2x
11. So got to work in a more serious way@2x
14. Presenting the first prototype@2x

Our Mission!

“To democratize clean air”

At Simply Purify, we believe that nature is amazing and should not be ignored at any step of the way. It is important that we keep a close check on our environment, both immediate and external so as to live a fun and full life.

We believe that the need of the hour is to democratize clean air access.

We also firmly believe that “anything that is not adding value, is taking it away”

For this, it is essential that the devices be manufactured after considered research that makes them simple, effective and low waste.

The way incumbents solve the clean air access problem is by using unproven tech and adding layers of filtration (aka “throwing the proverbial kitchen sink at the problem”). We realized that not identifying the root cause and solving for all scenarios is adding to the problem. The cost of this is borne by both the environment (because of excess waste) and us (cost of un-needed tech)

Starting with indoor Air Purification, we made a couple of breakthroughs and also applied for patents for our innovation. Each Air Purifier from SimplyPurify boasts of efficiency and effectiveness while retaining the core ethos of being simple to use and inexpensive considering the offering.

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At SIMPLYPURIFY, we believe that nature is amazing and cannot (rather should not) be ignored. It is important that we keep a close check on our environment, both immediate and external so as to live a fun and full life.

Being tinkerers at heart and with a penchant (bordering on obsession) for technology and design, we strive to understand and achieve what nature has provided in all its goodness.


Simply Purify founders are Engineers and MBAs by profession but tinkerers and problem-solvers at heart.

Anmol Badsra Founder





“If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

– Sir Isaac Newton


Rohit Girdhar

VP Strategy and
Market Development

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Pradeep Gupta

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Jaswinder Ahuja

Corporate VP & MD
Cadence Design

Sanjeev Chopra