Simply Purify presents

the Model-T

A car airpurifier with an inbuilt AQI monitor and smart operation

Simply Purify presents

the Model-T

A car airpurifier with an inbuilt AQI monitor and smart operation


A user-centric design requiring minimal intervention from the user and seamless functionality

The Model T by Simply Purify
Inbuilt Air Quality Monitor


Incorporates an AQI monitor to keep air quality in check

Auto Speed

Air-flow adjustment to keep pollution levels low

Child Proof


Auto shutdown when access to fan is possible

The Model T by Simply Purify
Automatic Ambient Light Adjustment

Auto Adjust

Intensity of back-light adjusts to ambient light

Easy to Use

to USE

Patent pending intuitive filter management

Features for Geeks!

HEPA Filtration

The filter uses the HEPA-13 class of filtration media that removes 99.97% of particles 0.03 microns in size


~20CFM. Cleans up about 3m3 (interior volume of a mid-size car) of air in less than 10 minutes


<24 Watts power  consumption @full speed. Power supply: via cigarette lighter socket/distribution block

BLE Broadcast

BLE based broadcast of pollution levels and functioning to all devices within range


App based detailed monitoring and configuration of device


@16x13x7 cm provides non-intrusive and easy mounting on dashboard or rear deck

Model T Timeline

  • May 2018

    @SP we decided to address the issue of clean air access inside cars and small spaces

  • Aug 2018

    First POC generated

  • Dec 2018

    Finalized product design

  • March 2019

    Full product design complete with some field test

  • June 2019

    Value chain identified. Seeking funding. Decision to explore CrowdFunding

  • July 2019

    Planning and proceeding with a two stage crowdfunding plan.

    - Campaign 1: Funds for Tool

    - Campaign 2: Funds for product

  • August 2019

    Campaign 1 for funds for tool - Target 25k USD

  • September 2019

    Tool production start

  • October 2019

    Campaign 2 for units - Target 2500 units

  • November 2019

    Tool arrival. Production Start.

    Final round of field trials

    Certification as required

  • December 2019

    Product shipping to backers at start of month